How to Choose an A/C for Your Home

How to Choose an A/C for Your Home

RussellHernandez October 25, 2021

Different kinds of ACs are available today that we can install to keep our homes cool. This article highlights tips for choosing an A/C for your home. Modern homes today have at least an air conditioner installed. Air conditioning is a long term investment in our homes that you will rarely feel its return on investment but trust me, it adds value to our homes in one way or the other. Although it is one of the highest consumers of electricity in our homes, it adds unmatched comfort to our homes. Having admitted that air conditioners form the most useful part of our home systems, it is time to understand the different modelsof A/C available today. Interestingly, one has to choose one among eight types of ACs available today. Each is designed in a way that it fits into a certain space and fulfils its purpose i.e heating or cooling the air around our homes. Following are different types of ACs available to choose from:

  • Ductless A/C  mini-split system
  • Central A/C system
  • Portable A/C
  • Hybrid fuel AC
  • Geothermal A/C system
  • Smart A/C system

As much as installing an air conditioner is a prerequisite nowadays, we still have to consider certain aspects of air conditioners that determine the type of air conditioners we would like for our homes. These factors are available to budget, cooling power, energy rating, space available and maintenance.

Insight to each type of A/C system

Central A/C: If you own a mansion and you would like air conditioning for the entire house, a central A/C is an ideal option. It regulates air circulation in every room through ducted units. One major advantage a central AC has over the others is that it keeps all the rooms cool at a go. It creates a cool environment for the entire house. The flip side of the central AC is that it has a high power rating and the units lose efficiency over time and in case of failures.

Ductless A/C – mini-split system: For better efficiency, ductless mini-split is the better option without requiring ducts in your home. It comprises two units; a condenser and a compressor. They are small in size and are a compact unit, suitable for small rooms. The major advantage of this AC system is that it can install it anywhere in the house. The major setbacks of ductless A/C mini-split systems are; they are not ideal for cooling big homes and they are visible since they are mounted onto the walls of a room.

Window AC: They are ideal for cooling single rooms. A window AC has its internal components enclosed into one unit. It works through the window by ejecting hot air out and letting in cool air. The advantages of buying a window air conditioner for your home is that they are less pricey, easy to install and do not occupy a lot of floor space. The disadvantage of window AC is that they produce a lot of noise and are visible from outside.

Portable AC: They are similar to window AC but they are enclosed into a single unit that is portable and you can place anywhere in the room. One major advantage of this unit is that it is easy to set up and install.

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