Blocked Drains Gold Coast and its common causes

Blocked Drains Gold Coast and its common causes

RussellHernandez March 19, 2021

Blocked drains and pipes are probably the most common household problem on the Gold Coast. Most of these blockages usually start as minor problems that quickly escalate to major issues when ignored.

Costly repairs, flooding, slow water drainage, sewage backup, and corrosion are some of the major headaches caused by clogged or blocked drains. There are multiple reasons for causing blocked drains, Gold Coast. Most of them are fairly common and fixing them is easier when you know how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Some of the common things that cause blocked drains, Gold Coast to happen include:

Debris and dirt

Many homeowners think that everything can be washed away by pipes and drains. However, the buildup of debris and dirt can happen over time. Clogged or blocked drains are a common problem caused by a buildup of debris or dirt. The best prevention is to rinse or shake off excess dirt, debris, and mud off body and clothes outside of the home before going indoors to do more washing.

Tiny materials or objects

Tiny materials or objects dropped down the drain can find its way to the plumbing system of your home. It can wreak havoc despite its small size. Human waste, water, and toilet paper are the only things allowed to go down the toilet of homes.

Any other types and sizes of objects should be responsibly recycled or disposed of in compost or trash bin. You will likely need help from a professional plumber if any tiny material or object is causing issues with your drain. The home’s plumbing system will only return to its normal function with the removal of any foreign matter.


The most common culprit causing blocked drains is hair. Clogs are formed when hair binds with sticky substances such as grease. Preventing hair from going down the drain is the best remedy of all. Putting guards over your home’s drains is the smartest way to catch hair. However, always remember to regularly clean the guards for peak performance.

Food scraps

Your sink’s garbage disposal is often used as the best way to dispose of food scraps. However, it’s always best to prevent disposing of food scraps to go down the drain. Food waste composting is the better way of disposing of food scraps.

Coffee grounds and tea leaves are food waste that does not easily break down. That goes for oily or greasy food scraps as well. Blockage in the drain happens when oil or grease solidify in the pipes. Use a paper towel to absorb oil and dispose of it either in a garbage bin or compost.

Too much toilet paper

Using too much toilet paper can cause buildup. A toilet paper buildup can easily cause blocked or clogged drains. Toilets cannot flush when there’s a buildup in the drains. A plunger can be used to dissolve or shift the toilet paper as you flush. However, it’s time to call in a professional plumber when the toilet fills without draining.


Fat and grease are the common ingredients used in making traditional soaps. A hard residue or soap scum forms when the minerals in water combine with the grease and fat or soap. Soap scum not only clog pipes; it also stains bath fixtures. Use soap-free washes instead to get rid of this problem.

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