Ask our know-it-all plumbers Laverton for advice

Whether you need a specific piece of information, or are looking for general ideas about brands or types of plumbing systems, our elite team of plumbers knows all there is to know. Please feel free to put your questions forward to our team and in return you will receive concise, honest and easy to understand information based on our experience in the industry. We work across water, gas and solar plumbing and water heating, and are always ready for a new challenge if you think you have a particularly difficult or unique job. Call NLK Plumbing at 0404 803 333.

The best emergency plumber around

Let’s put you in touch with an energetic emergency plumber Laverton. We’ve got all of the best emergency plumbers in Laverton working together on the one team. That means not only will you have access to an experienced and celebrated plumber at all times when you choose NLK, it also means that other companies cannot compete. If your job is threatening to get worse the longer it is left, or it has happened on the weekend or in the middle of the night, you can know that we will always be ready to come running.

Blocked drains pose no challenge to our experienced plumbers

It takes more than a blocked drain to stump anyone on the NLK Plumbing team. Even though we can’t see the blockage, we can see all the symptoms which will tell us what is causing your drain to be clogged and therefore can apply the most appropriate solution. If the blockage is proving difficult, we will use specialised drain camera technology to get a clearer picture of the problem. This visual is particularly helpful in preventing the problem from recurring, as we can often tell how it has been allowed to build up over time. Choose NLK for Laverton blocked drains solutions.

Hotwater difficulties are a cinch for our expert team

At NLK Plumbing, we know that our plumbers make it look easy, but the work that they perform requires years of experience, skill and training to perfect. Our confidence in our work and our team stems from having received such consistent positive feedback about the quality of work delivered during our fifteen years of operation. We are the company to handle all of your hotwater concerns in Laverton. Pick up the phone if you think that your hot water system is not performing as it once did.

There is no substitute for exceptional service and superior quality results. The NLK Plumbing team deliver all this with a smile, and at an affordable price which keeps our customers smiling too. Try us out for yourself and we know that you will be back the next time emergency strikes. Please give our friendly office a call at any time of the day or night on 0404 803 333 and we will chat about how we can accommodate your plumbing needs, large or small. We look forward to making your next plumbing drama easier to manage.

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